Created on February 24, 1995 (no membership charge), as a joint effort for the individuals or farms breeding the Harnessbred breed and to coordinate the continuing development program and marketing system of the only small breed of equine bred for Harness racing. Subsequent meetings were held in 1996 to set the following guidelines.

Goals,  and training methods, were established for the Harnessbred Breeder. Training and conditioning  approaches were designed for this small harness racing athlete measuring  38" and under, over 38" to 43", and over 43" to 46"  by a Trottingbred and Standardbred trainer, Byron Hooley from Ft.Wayne, Indiana with assistance from Jim Storey, Moody, Texas.

Selective breeding practices were encouraged to promote and protect this breed. Suggested limited foaling per year was also part of the protection
practices of the new breed, along with a "Standard of Perfection" for the Harnessbred.  It was decided that the Harnessbred should have two looks and conformation. One, like a Standardbred, very much smaller, ranging in three different height requirements for mini harness racing, 38" and under, over 38" to 43", and over 43" to 46".  A horse with bone, some bulk, looking powerfully built, larger muzzle, big eye, either straight head or slightly dished, ears to resemble the design of the Standardbred ear on a smaller scale; the second type would be more like a Trottingbred breed, with the size constraints of the first type, more refined, smaller muzzle, still a nice eye and either a straight head or slightly dished, smaller ears that resemble the ears of the Trottingbred breed, slightly curved at the top. Both types  being a "look-alike", as either a "Miniature Standardbred or "Miniature" Trottingbred breed in the much smaller package. Both types having the  advantage of having beauty, mind-set, conformation, ability, and the heart to do the job.

It was also recognized that the Harnessbreds that were 38" and under could be hardshipped into the show world with the ASPC/AMHR organization and compete in Driving classes, particularly Roadster and even halter classes.  They could also do well in many of the other show classes such as Liberty, Obstacle, Showmanship and Hunter/Jumper.

This breed of miniature type has proven to be excellent with youth as well as the seniors of our society.  They are very versatile in the fact that not only can they perform as an athlete on the track, in the show ring, in other events as well, especially with the mid-size range over 38" to 46" being able to perform in "open" shows in combined driving events, trail driving and best of all on the track.

This organization does not dictate the selling prices. The breeders are encouraged to price their Harnessbreds reasonably, but to uphold the
commitment that has gone into the original start-up and continued development of this breed, financially as well as time, involved by all who are in this program.

It is the motto of this organization that Harnessbreds are the only Miniature type equine bred for Miniature Harness Racing with a "form to function" and they are a Trademarked breed and accepted by the American Horse Council.

In the near future, the Harnessbred Breeders Affiliation (HBA) will have
information with the new IMTPA news letter that is being developed under the guidelines of Tanya Belasky, Vice President of the IMTPA located in Eustis, Florida, keeping its members informed about the progress of the Harnessbred and their bright future...

The following farms and individuals are part of this program either as
breeder/owners or owners through purchasing this wonderful athlete.

*Farms Will Be Listed Soon*

Please visit Fort Storey Ranch for more information on the Harnessbred.

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